We are focused on reducing your costs!

Please find below an overview of our products.

We are not limited to the products listed below and through our network of global business partners we would be pleased to provide comparative offers against your requirements.

  •  A range of Tannery Chemicals
  • Quebracho – We are approved U.K. agents for Unitan Argentina.
  • Mimosa Extract – We are approved agents for UCL Company (Pty) Ltd South Africa.
  • Chemical resistant aprons and safety gloves
  • Used tannery machinery – including trademarks like Rizzi, Mostardini, Gozzini, Bergi, Gemata and Flamar.
  • Tannery machinery spares
  • Toggles & clips, belts
  • Leather Gauges
  • Embossing plates and rollers
  • Buffing paper
  • A range of industrial blades and knives; band knives, splitting knives, leather trimming knives.
  • Felts, sleeves
  • Grindstones, grinding wheels
  • Perlon monofilament
  • Leather working hand tools
  • Steel and wooden horses